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The Gareth Jones Award
for Honour and Integrity 
in Public Life

The Gareth Jones Society
is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural
Gareth Jones Award for Honour and Integrity in Public Life.

The bi-annual Award is now open for nomination, with submissions sought from across the UK, and internationally, to recognise those in politics, journalism or academia who have shown moral courage and self-sacrifice in their field.  


The Award, which is sponsored by media agency First Features Ltd, seeks to recognise the significant contributions of those working in the interests of bringing about social justice, human rights and peace in today’s world.


Nominations can be made from today until the deadline of March 26th, 2024. The winners will be announced on this website and on social media on March 29th. Please submit your nomination using the form below.


Based on the nominations received a panel of judges made of member sof gareth will decide the winner of the Award and will announce their decision online and in relevant print media.

Judges: Rachael Colley (Gareth Jones' great, great niece)

             Naomi Field (Editor of Gareth Jones' official biography More than a Grain of Truth)

             Philip Colley (Gareth Jones' great nephew)
             Katy Colley (Author and journalist)

Your nomination

Thank you for nominating!

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