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Baron von Plessen letters

The following two letters were sent by Baron von Plessen to a friend in 1966. They refer to his book the Lonesome Road which has a chapter describing his journey to Inner Mongolia with Gareth to attend the local Naadam festival . The second of the letters is notable for von Plessen's comment that Gareth was warned by the British Military Attaché to "on no account go to the border with Jehol as it was infested by bandits".  Gareth also signed a disclaimer with the Chinese authorities absolving them of any responsibility should he be kidnapped by bandits. Although Ukrainian Nationalists have tried, with some success, to feather their anti-Soviet narrative with the idea that it was the NKVD that killed Gareth, there is in fact no actual evdience for that. The chances are that, as von Plessen points out, Gareth sadly "had nobody to blame but himself".

Letter 1 - 05/06/1996

Letter 2 - 05/08/1966


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